Beauty of Ethiopia – Gondar & Lake Tana, Bahar Dar

Views from Goha Hotel, Gondar 2009:

View 2 fr Goha

View from Goha

View2 fr Goha

Gondar from Goha

Views of Wolleqa village, Gondar 2009:

Cow in stream nr Wolleqa

Cow by a stream

Cattle in stream.Wllqa

Cows by the same stream

Edge of stream Nr.Wolleqa

Girl guarding cows

Stream:view Nr Wolleqa

From Wolleqa to cemetery


Haimanut & her brother


Girl with amulet,Wolleqa

Girl wearing an amulet

Road near Wolleqa

Trees:view nr.Wolleqa

View2 from Wolleqa

Fasil’s castle, City of Gondar:

Castle 1



Magical tree near Fasil’s castle:

Tree in Gondar


Lake Tana, Bahar Dar

Boats on Lake Tana


Magical Tree-TanaTree branches Tana

Tree-Bahar Dar

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