Two vulnerable non-criminal civilians held prisoner by Hamas

There is nothing I can add to the information already provided by various journalists. Things seem to have gone quiet in the last few months apart from activists in Israel dedicated to the release of these two vulnerable young civilians held prisoner without any justification by Hamas. But this is not an issue that is just between Israel and Hamas – it is a matter which concerns much of the world – certainly those countries supporting and financing Hamas, and those bodies failing to condemn Hamas for human rights violations, or to hold Hamas to account, while continuing to pour funds into its coffers. It is an issue which should concern those international bodies which are supposed to be dealing with human rights. It is an issue which should concern those who hold the conviction that black lives matter, and that bedouin lives matter.

In the meantime, this is to break the silence outside Israel – Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed remain captive. Many questions need to be asked.

One thought on “Avera Mengistu & Hisham al-Sayed

  1. Marilyn. Thank you for posting about this. Recently had a chance to read your excellent book. Happy to catch up some time.


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